Our Client Profile Questionnaire

We love to get to know our clients and their audiences. By spending 10-15 minutes condensing your key business goals and identifying your current and future audiences through our profile questionnaire we’ll be able to give you the market direction you need, and create the brief we need to give you a quality graphic and web result.

Fill out as much as you can and we’ll love getting to know you and your clients. If you’re unsure of anything, drop past our studio at Aspley, or contact us.

Download and fill out our Client Profile Questionnaire here.

Once completed, email that through to: hello@creativecuriosity.com.au or complete the online questionnaire below.
This will take 10-15 minutes, but it is worth it! If you only have 30 seconds, fill in our quick contact form and we will call you back!

About your business

Your business name (required)

Your contact email (required)

Overview the short and long term goals of the business

What are the primary selling points of the business?

Who are real competitors? (List 3 or more actual businesses found online)

What differentiates you from your competitors? (3 points of difference)

What percentage breakdown of your business is: new, repeat, word of mouth, referrals?

What are your best sources to secure new business? (ie, website, word of mouth, facebook, referrals).

Which group or particular clients earn you the highest income?

Which clients are you keen to engage more of, and why?

Describe your ideal client. (Indicate where they live, what they do, the types of activities they may be involved in outside of your business services as well)

How many staff does your business currently manage?

Describe the key apprehensions clients have before engaging in your services/products.

Specify the areas you see your service industry growing into, or any new areas of business not yet explored that you are keen to engage in.

For the new areas of business you mentioned above, indicate if there are any important risk factors involved with cutting into the new service area.

Brand and online design

List all the utilities your brand could possibly be viewed by the public (car, building, office etc)

What do you consider the purpose of your brand is?

What websites/brands/businesses do you like the ‘look and feel’/’messages to market’ of?

What would be the ideal image for your brand to have?

What is the most important benefit your brand should be seen to be offering - and why would people believe this to be true?

Are you open to modifying your logo/brand?


What is your vision for the brand?

If you have a website, what is its current purpose for your business?

Who controls your website domain and hosting? Specify details.

Do you consider performance on search engines being of high, moderate, or low value to your business?



Do you have a marketing strategy?


What are your existing marketing, communication and sales activities? (Ie, Facebook posts, newsletters, adverts, pay per click, SEO services).

Who is your target market? (Who is currently buying/using your products/services).

Does your target market have a preference for digital technology versus traditional media? (Ie, social media versus hard copy brochure).

Describe the top 3-5 questions that are asked by prospective clients when they contact you, or convert to a sale of your service/products.

Are trade shows or industry event participation relevant to your products/services?


Please specify any trade or industry events that you or your competitors engage in, and if you would consider involvements, or more involvement in those areas.

Do you have time to engage in 3-4 hours each week to engage in sales/marketing activities?


And finally…

How did you hear out about Creative Curiosity? (required)