There appears to be scammers afoot.

Recently we’ve been made aware that there is email & mail scam’s using our business name to request payment for services as a scam. Please take a look at the scenarios below to determine if your invoice is a scam or not.


Notify Us Of Your Scam


Email Scam:

If you receive an email from anybody that does not have as the email domain, you’re being scammed. Our invoices come from the email address: as we use Xero as our billing and accounting ledger. Our invoices look like the image on the left. If yours doesn’t look like this, don’t pay that invoice!

Scam Letter:

Also, if you have received a letter from our business name that doesn’t match our ABN: S.C Jackson & C.A Jackson ABN 23 838 327 033 – don’t pay that nasty invoice. Our invoices all look like the above image.


Unfortunately, we can’t stop people using our name to scam people, so if you have any questions please get in contact with us. Please notify ScamWatch here to keep Australia safe from those pesky scammers.


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