5 ways to choose a good photographer for your business

Today we’re discussing 5 ways you can choose a photographer for your next project. This field can have folks few and far between and anybody can pick up a camera and advertise their skills. Get some inside knowledge on what we would look for in a photographer for our work.

Choose somebody you gel with

Photography is a creative art, and when art is involved you need somebody who can capture not just the right exposure, but the right energy your products, office or personal vibe creates. Photographers may have the skills to take a correctly exposed & focused photo, but the right kind of photography is done creatively to communicate the feeling your environment and products create. If you choose somebody who gels with your personality or office vibe, chances are their photography will do the same.

Choose a photographer with fashion sense

If your photographer can’t put an outfit together, chances are they can’t assemble the right elements in a camera frame either. Good photography is about lines, angles, composition, scale and colour. Manipulating these to communicate a message or style is a key trait for a good photographer. And if they can’t do that with their outfit, chances are their photography will be the same.

Match your profile with their existing clients

The right shoe for the right foot, and the right client for the photographer. Most photographers will have a particular style they lean towards in their work. This means that on a shoot, certain lines, positions and shapes stand out to them, and they will have a hard time seeing other types of styles. To get the photo’s your target audience needs, ensure your photographer has a portfolio that’s targeted towards your subject group.

Involve your brand in the photography brief

Good custom photography should reflect the brand it’s shooting for. Choose a photographer that has a good handle on who you are, what you do, and what clients your business needs. If your photographer doesn’t chat much about who you are and what you do, chances are they will be a law unto themselves and your project won’t be on point. A good photographer will understand your brand and apply their skills to create ideas and images that relate and enhance your brand.

Expensive doesn’t mean professional

Just because a photographer charges a lot, or even little doesn’t mean the result will be what you need or want. Choose a photographer that has had their products featured on websites, signage or printed collateral to ensure that their past work is verified, useful and on point for previous clients.

And just in case you’re wondering, we provide photography services in and around Brisbane here at Creative Curiosity. If you have a shoot coming up or would like to chat about how you can enhance your brand with custom imagery – be sure to drop into the studio.

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