Graphic Design Price Guide – for the curious folks out there

If you’re reading this, then you’re probably pretty keen on getting the right price for your graphic design project, or your web design. We’re happy to provide our general graphic design price list to give you a sneak peak at our general ball park pricing for our services. Remember these are standard prices, and if you’re a corporate client we may quote you over the phone a more beefed up price because we anticipate more revisions, room for scope move or multiple client meetings. Conversely we may knock off pricing for not for profits, small businesses or start-ups. We like to be as transparent as possible, so we’re providing these figures as general guides only.

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Logo & Brand Design
2 Concepts | 850
3 Concepts | 1200
4 Concepts | 1600

Naming from 1200

Style Guide | Quick View | 350
Style Guide | Full Guide | 950


Business Card Design | 450
Business card print 250 cards from 150
Stationery design | 450
Window & car signage design from 300
Flyer design dual side DL from 350
Flyer design/page (8 page minimum) 170
Catalogue design from 1200
Poster design from 650
Billboard design from 600
Invite design from 350
Event stationery from 750
Menus & templates from 800
Illustration from 600
Packaging & labels from 450
Publications from 600
Annual Reports from 1800


Website holding page from 300
CMS interface design from 900
Website wireframe & business strategy | 1200
Content strategy | 850
Keyword plan for content | 750
eCommerce from 1900
Web copy | per page 400 | entire site (8 page site) 1800
Website SEO | per page 170 | entire site 1200


No Fuss Websites from 595
CMS website development from 2000
Website renovation from 750
Online system development from 3500
HTML website updates/hr | 100
Website slider creation from 200


EDM management/month | 350
EDM/MailChimp setup & design from 450
EDM graphic & word sourcing/mailout from 50
Facebook post management/fortnight from 120
Social media plan from 800
Blog content plan & keywords from 1200
Website & online strategy from 1200

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