Photography you don’t have to eBay your kids to pay for.

We’re all about serving our clients the best service and one way we do this is by providing quality photography at a fair price.

Custom Photography Services

Photography and videography can give you a highly customised edge to communicate directly to the clients that matter – and we do it without the need to sell the kids or mortgage your house. Graphic design trends and advertising is now heavily image orientated and audiences can sniff out stock photography like customs border patrol.  Getting specific and honing in on your target audience means being visual. We’ve got the skills, knowledge and the friendly can do attitude to create the image your audience wants to see. Get to know our photography services and other digital video services and we’ll create your perfect picture.

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Custom Photography – Get Unique

A picture can tell a thousand words if done right, and a thousand words often has a big price tag. At Creative Curiosity we are all about cutting through the fads and hefty price tags associated with custom photography. We specialise in delivering custom photography for websites to promotional applications.

Consumers can smell stock photography like a sneaky elevator bomb. Don’t be caught out like everybody else, give your business material and promotional gear an image that’s as unique and high quality as your services. It needs to put your products and your staff front of mind. We don’t have set fees for photography services, we charge at an hourly rate. This means any job big or small. If you’re looking for custom photography in Brisbane, we’ve got you covered. Invest in unique, tailored images of your services in action today.

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Videography and Digital Imagery

Videography and digital imagery can be an extremely useful tool to engage the right target audience. It can communicate information, emotions, messages and clear market directives in a very short space of time. If your target audience is guaranteed to view and engage with digital videography, then this service is for you.

Whether it’s an informational video about your latest products, an infographic explaining how you work, or an advertorial, we’ll develop the story board and imagery you need to communicate to your audience.

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