Creative Curiosity is now a part of Arvo Agency.

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After over 10 years helping our clients with their website and online needs, we’ve decided that it’s time for us to update our own brand.

Like most successful businesses, our offering and skillset has changed dramatically over the years – to the point where the brand “Creative Curiosity” no longer adequately describes what we do.

When we originally started our business, we had a singular focus on building WordPress websites better than anyone else. This meant that our clients’ websites had exceptional designs, were built to a high quality and could be easily maintained – and all done for a great price. Whilst we still do a lot of this kind of work, we’ve also diversified our offering into areas such as general graphic design, social media management, software system development and IT consulting and support.

To this end, we’re proud to announce the launch of our new brand – Arvo Agency. Arvo Agency is a one stop shop for all of your design, web, IT and digital learning needs. Just like we did via Creative Curiosity, we still focus on the long-term journey with our clients and continue to favour doing things properly over doing things cheaply.

As a brand, we’re planning on retaining Creative Curiosity for some time yet – as it will simply become another one of our sub-brands (like Arvo Creative and Arvo Technology Solutions) that sit under Arvo Agency. That being said, if you’re an existing Creative Curiosity customer, you may notice some differences in our engagement with you – such as your invoices being branded Arvo Agency or our team’s emails coming from the domain. Rest assured though – you’ll still receive the great service and quality delivery that you’ve come to expect from us over the years.

If you have any questions regarding this change or would like to find out more about the other types of services we offer, please feel free to reach out to your account manager to discuss things further. Alternately you can contact us via our website contact form and we’ll give you a callback as soon as we can.

Finally, I’d like to take a moment to thank you – our customers. Without you, we would never have been in the position where we could have grown and diversified our business, so I thank you from the bottom of my heart. We have and continue to value your support and look forward to being able to service your business needs in the future.

Yours sincerely,

Stephen Jackson
Managing Director, Arvo Agency

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For more information on how you can access our skills in Software Development and IT Support, in addition to our WordPress and Graphic Design skills, visit the Arvo website.

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Creative Curiosity is now a part of Arvo Agency

This means you can now access our skills in Software Development and IT Support in addition to our WordPress and Graphic Design skills.