SEO & Marketing

SEO & Marketing

Chasing likes is so last year- it's time to get strategic.

Make social media work for you, not against you.

Social media is one of the best ways to visualise your brand story and share it with your audience. It empowers you to engage with your customers everyday and expand your brand reach. Through social media insights, we can tailor your messaging and services to engage a broader audience so that you can maximise the return on your investment.

In a time where social media presence is essential, it’s now more crucial than ever to have a quality social media presence in your arsenal.

We’ll help you take social media out of the “too hard” pile and teach you how to turn it into a key tool that works hard for your business.

We combine thoughtful strategy, targeted media and scroll-stopping content to create campaigns and posts that stand out above the rest. Creative Curiosity will help you navigate the choppy waters of the social network by simplifying the complex nuances into an understandable, approachable plan that you can get on board with.

Consistency is Key

Once we’ve worked with you to gain a true understanding of your goals, we’ll develop a strategy that describes the best path forward towards achieving your social media objectives.

With any social media endeavours, consistency is key to maximise the outcome. We will put together the perfect monthly social media plan based on your goals, and stick to it like glue!

We understand that your business is unique, so we offer totally customised packages from 2 posts per week all the way up to 7 posts per week, plus a range of campaigns and post boosting options.

Website & Search Engine Optimisation

Getting your website to rank in Google is harder and more competitive than ever. Let us review your website with a FREE Website Audit Report to identify how you can improve your ranking.

There are many factors such as on page content, performance, social factors and backlink profile that search engines like Google use to determine which sites should rank highest.  We will perform a detailed website analysis across 100 website data points, and provide clear and actionable recommendations for steps you can take to improve your online presence and ultimately rank better in Google Search.

Free Website Audit Report

Advantages of our SEO audit:

One Grade for your Website

Creative Curiosity provides an easy to follow report of your website in seconds, calling out what’s good and bad and provides simple actionable recommendations.

Why You Want Google to Love Your Business…

Many of your customers regularly use Google to find products or services within their area. The online directories Google references have a positive impact on your SEO rating (how high in the search result ranking your website appears) and it has been proven that consistent contact details like company name, address, phone number and website address on the best business directories is a critical factor in local ranking.

An added bonus of being in the most relevant business directories is that they can provide referral traffic from people clicking through from your listing.

Creative Curiosity offer a unique service called The Business Directory Audit - want to know more?

This service consists of a review of the top 15 business directories, both local and Australia wide. We will update your details on all of these sites and conveniently link your access to these directories through a single Gmail account.

Once completed, we will provide you with all of the account details. Alternatively, Creative Curiosity can continue to manage this on your behalf by periodically auditing your directory entries, ensuring they are always up to date, and allowing you to focus on growing your business!

But before you start listing your business on every directory imaginable, it’s important to understand that the quality of the online business directory can either improve or damage your Google ranking. Directories with outdated databases and broken links can even be de-indexed by Google.

Luckily, Creative Curiosity has done the hard work for you and we have found the best online business directories in Australia. By ensuring you are listed in these directories, you will increase your Google ranking and ultimately drive more traffic to your site. And more traffic means more business!

Boost your local search ranking today by calling us for a free consultation!

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