Graphic Design

Graphic Design

We combine your ideas with our design for a successful outcome.

Graphic design with a team that’s invested in you.

We’re all about growing with our clients. Partner with us for your graphic design and we’ll spend the time needed to get to know you and your business.

Graphic Design Brisbane – What We Do

If you’re looking for a graphic design partner in Brisbane, you’ve found a studio that gets down to the nitty gritty of making your design work for the people who matter – your clients.

For the best type of Graphic Design Brisbane – we go about understanding your needs, expectations and goals as the most important aspect of your project. We think information and research are key – we work with you to get a strong understanding of who you and your target audience are because design is only as good as the people it engages.

Whether you’re looking to consolidate your business and rebrand to really tell you clients who you are, or kicking off a sales pitch with a series of flyers, we’ve got the skills, knowledge and the friendly can-do attitude that you’ll love. Get to know a bit about our graphic design services and our team culture, and hopefully we’ll be hearing from you soon.

At Creative Curiosity we know branding and identity.

We design brands centred around who your target clients are, how to differentiate you from your real competitors, and where you specialise. Whether you are a small business start up, an established business, or a corporate empire – we’ve got the industry knowledge, the expertise and a fantastic team to deliver the handmade branding to fit exactly what you need.

Branding Identity & Logo Design

For a brand revision, a simple logo to do the rest yourself, or taking it zero to 60, partner with Creative Curiosity, we’re here for the long haul for your graphic design in Brisbane.

When we undertake logo and brand design Creative Curiosity, we understand that the best brands are designed for the people that use it. We can create the best logo that you like, but your customers might be looking for something different. That’s why we make a point of spending a lot of time getting to know your business, who your target audience really are; the ones that spend and invest in your business. For a branding strategy that answers the real questions, work with the folks at Creative Curiosity.

Brochures & Catalogues Galore

We understand that you need a return on investment with your brochures, flyers or catalogues. So we don’t just chime in and get the job done, we brainstorm with you about your marketing strategies and ensure printed catalogues are the best way to go, and how to do it right. We’ll nail down your key audience and make sure your graphic design not only sells your products, but is attractive and awesome to boot. Make sure when doing your own material that standing out from the crowd is best done with custom photography. Custom shots can be that defining edge that gets your clients converting to sales.  So, let’s get started with your graphic design project.

Posters & Menus

Having an awesome poster is useless if it doesn’t tell people your main message in a unique way. That’s why all our menus and posters are hand crafted by Aussies behind the computer who love pushing the limits with your brand. Good advertising design is attractive design, and we’ll brainstorm with you to find the best look and feel, content and marketing messages that get your info out there. Whether you are after a specials board for your restaurant, or an upcoming band advertising you next gig – get your poster done by a team of local Brisbanites.

Business Stationery

Every business needs its stationery, and the team at Creative Curiosity love putting an individual charm to our client’s collateral. Whether you need a touch up and refresh to those little advertisements you keep in your wallet to give to important leads, or you’re starting up a new business. We’ve got the stationery to make you stand out. Talk to us about your invoicing templates, letterheads, business cards, signage, for anything graphic design and business collateral or anything else your business requires.

Signage That Sings Praises

Signage needs to deliver lots of things. Legibility, so you can read it from multiple distances, hierarchy so you can tell the important stuff from the informational; attractive, to ensure people look at it; accurate, to properly describe your business and services; functional, your sign should do what signs do – sing your praises. Investing in a graphic designer like Creative Curiosity who has the expertise you need and know the right people for the job will ensure you stand out from the crowd.

We Create Style Guides

When we brand your business, we make sure we detail how your brand should appear across any medium it appears to make sure your public image is consistent and professional. Your logo is usually the touch point that the greatest number of people are exposed to, so creating the style guides to get this right are very important and we’re the professionals for the job. Invest in some solid graphic design that gives you the keys to your own branding empire, and get your foundation right for moving forward.

Promotional Material

Businesses live and die by engaging new clients and retaining their old ones. These days’ promotional graphics is one of the best ways to keep your services or products front of mind, or getting in front of new customers. From email newsletters, posters, signage, web banners, promotional badges or those beer coasters we all have floating around at home – we’ve got the designers and the printing contacts to get your material sorted. We’ll deliver to you top of the range design and source the best quotes on your behalf to deliver the quality and budget you have in mind.

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