NTI’s Truck Assist

Client background
National Transport Insurance (NTI) is Australia’s number 1 Truck insurer, headquartered in Brisbane.  The organisation offers a wide range of insurance products, including a roadside assistance package.

As part of their continuing growth, NTI recently developed a new roadside assistance insurance product. They teamed up with Creative Curiosity to deliver this product through an online portal, allowing Truck owners to purchase this product directly from NTI instead of going through a broker.  At the same time, they needed an informational website to launch the product to the online marketplace.

Due to our extensive web-application and design experience we were uniquely positioned to extend NTI’s existing system and develop a website launch platform.

Our client was aiming to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Launch the product via a flexible & robust CMS website & payment platform
  • Understand the retail roadside assist product customer journey, and develop a User Experience that prioritises customer interaction and engages users with clear, positive messaging and product offering
  • Develop a User Interface and purchase process that is retail customer centric, intuitive for easy information capture & visually appealing which creates an attractive design and overall seamless customer experience
  • Create an intelligently designed User Experience which simplifies purchase responses and website interactions into simple action oriented events in the design of the product display
  • Develop a reporting solution to asses and measure the performance of the specific actions users undertake on the online platform to facilitate valid data driven-decision making for ongoing product refinement
  • Deliver a design which marries the interface between payment system and website product to create a seamless customer journey from the website through to product purchase & confirmation
  • Deliver a thoroughly tested system and website that are intuitive and easy to use both for customer and administrative users

Within a period of 3 months, our team of Designers and Developers worked with NTI to deliver an online retail solution, allowing NTI customers to purchase the road assistance product directly from the insurer. This included system requirements, customer journey mapping, design and content development and an extensive testing and implementation process. In addition to this we implemented functionality to track and measure performance through Google Analytics.

This has enabled NTI to launch a robust and scalable product to the online marketplace within a short period of time and in a very cost-effective manner.

Have you heard?

Creative Curiosity is now a part of Arvo Agency

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