Software Development – Making Coding Friendly

Software Development – sounds long, drawn out, and expensive. And sometimes it can be, but we’re all about bringing back the friendly to the software development world. We don’t like to pitch you ideas that we think fit you, we’ll talk in terms of cost benefit, managing risk, and creating a solution that serves to answer as many problems as your budget or scope allows… We’ll work with you to understand what does fit your needs, and make the grizzly bear of coding as ‘humphrey b bear’ as possible. Check back here as we build this post ongoing, but one major lesson we’d like to ram home is:

“Don’t go trekking without a map”

You wouldn’t go on an overland trek without a map, & investing in an online software is no different. Without a map, starting down the road of software development Brisbane can appear to be a daunting task, so make sure you carve out a good chunk of time to talk to us about how we work, what problems we may encounter & how to work around them. A software project will only even be as good as the roadmap you develop with us, so ensure you leave enough time to do the heavy lifting at the beginning of the project so that the project build goes smoothly, is tracked appropriately, and most importantly makes sense to you.

“Software Development Brisbane – do it the right way”

We call this important phase the requirements phase. Quite often you’ll hear us banging on about documenting your requirements as a formalised part of the project (usually in the range of 2-3k and upwards) and is a product you can use to take your system to tender. And we’re serious about it, you’ve got to do software development the right way. Requirements documentation is virtually the best insurance you have to get the quality of the system you need, and ensure your developer (us included) builds the system to be watertight. Ensure you check out our post explaining 7 things you need to know before choosing a software developer to undertake your brain child.

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