SV Partners

SV Partners

Client background
SV Partners are an expert accounting and specialist advisory firm that provides professional insolvency accounting, turnaround strategy advice, forensic and advisory services. They service a range of market segments, including accountants, financial institutions, corporations, financial and legal advisors, and their clients. After a recent evaluation of their existing digital platforms, SV Partners approached Creative Curiosity to discuss ways to improve the effectiveness of their website and search engine ranking. A high focus for the new website was also to communicate directly to a specific growing target audience; small businesses and clients in financial trouble.

SV Partner’s aim was to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Create a new website solution, focussed on better addressing the specific needs of SV Partner’s market segments
  • Develop a design and website structure that would improve usability, brand presence and user experience of the website
  • Further expose rich content and knowledge base already contained on their existing website
  • Deliver a mobile-friendly experience for phone and tablet
  • Improve the search engine ranking through Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Over a period of 28 weeks, our design and web development teams worked closely with SV partners to deliver the outcomes they were planning to achieve, and relaunch over 95 pages and 200 news articles in their new website. After an initial project kick-off meeting, we went through the different stages of sitemap creation, wireframing, navigation, design, development and testing. We also teamed up with SV’s digital strategy and SEO provider Reload Media as part of website re-development, and made sure all the I’s were dotted and T’s crossed to sustain and improve the websites ranking and search engine presence. As Creative Curiosity was already providing the website hosting for this client, we were able to seamlessly put the site in production on our hosting platform.

Since going live, the client has experienced a strong improvement in website traffic and has received positive feedback from their customers especially from the identified growth sector of small businesses. We will continue to partner with SV Partners to ensure they continue to maximise the benefits of their online presence.

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