No Fuss Websites

At Creative Curiosity, we understand that not everyone needs a multi-faceted, high functioning website. Sometimes, a simple no fuss single page site is all it takes to get your business noticed and operating online. Creative Curiosity offer 4 No Fuss Website Packages for those looking for budget friendly options, or who just need to solidify a web presence. These packages are a starting point and can be added to if there are any other services that you require. Let us help make your business an online success.

Lite Package


Perfect for those who already have domain and hosting while we simply provide you with a fast, effective and visually appealing one page website.

1 Page Website


Perfect for a small business looking to keep the budget low. You can keep all the essential information on one page including a contact form.

3 Page Website


Perfect for a small business needing some extra pages for content. Add extra features such as a separate contact page and a services page.

5 Page Website


Perfect for a growing business expanding their online presence. Add extra features including separate contact page, services page and even a portfolio or blog.

This is What You Get:

*These services are not included in the Lite package

Food for Thought

Some additional considerations for what your website can and should include:

Business Description
Add Ons:

Long term view. You need a marketing strategy to develop your business long term.

Need help? Call us to help you with your marketing goals.

How will you employ design? Leave it to the experts to use design styles to translate your business to clients.

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Have you heard?

Creative Curiosity is now a part of Arvo Agency

This means you can now access our skills in Software Development and IT Support in addition to our WordPress and Graphic Design skills.