How does my website get found on Google?

Today we’ll cover some basics for ranking your website on Google. SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is a real buzzword, there are a thousand providers to choose from, and everything sounds really complex. We’ll try and explain things quickly and easily for you.

How does my website get found on Google?

  • By crafting your content and page layout that utilise your customers search terms, internally linking content within your website, and complying with basic SEO practices.
  • We create the basework of your SEO through a keyword plan, where we analyse Google’s intelligence and find what keywords your services need to be using. Content can then be created or massaged to comply with these keyword criteria.
  • We design how your website structure should respond to SEO criteria and identify headings, URLS, images and links that have your target keywords in them.
  • Key Deliverable to ask for: Keyword plan & wireframes

How do I rank on Google for customer searches?

  • By having a good basework for SEO on your website. Then building on that platform with new SEO compliant content and blog posts regularly.
  • We can do this by building on your keyword plan and identifying page content, article and news plans that build on your websites underlying architecture.
  • We can do 100% content creation in-house that takes into account all the pressures that content for your website is put under.
  • Key deliverable to ask for: Ongoing content plan

How does my new website talk my customer’s language, and look great?

  • The difference between a good website and a great one is the website layout, and the messages that are communicated to your customers. We spend a great deal of time getting to know how your customers think in order to create page layouts that communicate directly to your audience.
  • We design this layout in our wireframe document. This designs the flow, messages, architecture and structure of your website, almost like the body plan and internal organs of the site.
  • The next step is to design wording and content that builds on the layout, and then inject the look and feel, colours and styling.
  • Key deliverable to ask for: Look and feel designs

Why us?

Our websites are different.

  1. Our keyword plans ensure you know what search terms your website is optimised for once you’ve created the content to correspond to them
  2. Our wireframe documents pull together keywords, layout ideas, messaging, content plans, structure and customer needs, and presents this in a logical flow creating your very own user experience (UX, yes we only use buzzwords when we have too)
  3. We want to design your website and analytics setup to measure the ROI your website will provide your business. We see your website as a business tool that should be integrated to your business process and meet your business needs – rather than being just a shiny shop front.
  4. We have a very broad service set, which means we look at your website and your services from lots of different angles. We don’t just do one type of website – we do lots of different ones – which means you get a solution that is customised to your needs and not simply a cookie cutter copy.

Talk to us today if you want to walk through your Google needs.

How do I learn more?

There are loads of resources on the web to better understand SEO, or learn and do it yourself. SOme of the best resources available are:

1. Moz

Moz have been around since 2004 – so have really been around since the beggining of SEO. Some great quicklinks:

2. Google

So much of SEO practices are based on Google’s ever-changing algorithm, Google has thier own SEO support services. Google loves mobile sites and has lots of resources that cover the why and the how of making your site mobile-friendly.

Some other mentionables are:

3. Search Engine Land

Search Engine Land often publish new, well-researched SEO articles, and subscribing to newsletters will keep you in the loop. Some key resources are:

Have you heard?

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